Mission plastic-free

Using plastic is not only harmful to the environment, but also absolutely outdated. We invest lots of effort and time into finding and using biodegradable alternatives or do not use any packaging at all if possible. That is why most of our products are sent to you without any packaging.

The few products that are in need of packaging are, of course, 100% plastic-free. Instead, we rely on materials such as corn starch, urea, liquid wood and so on.

Just have a look at the page of the respective product you are interested in - in the product’s description you will find all crucial information concerning the product itself and its packaging. Because we all have the same mission: mission plastic-free!


Is worldwide shipping available?

Yes, we do offer worldwide shipping for our products via Deutsche Post or DHL. All you have to do is choose your respective country during the ordering process from the list and our system automatically calculates the shipping fees from Germany to your desired country.

How does your shipping work?

We neither use any plastic or similar materials that are harmful to the environment for our products nor do we use them for their shipping or padding.

We ship our products to you packed in a cardboard box, padded with wood shavings or cardboard. We even took into consideration to use tape made of paper.

All our products are handmade and our small team packs your order carefully and with much attention to detail.


How do I use your products?

You are not quite sure how to use deodorant cream, shampoo bars or bar soap? No worries!

On the respective page of the product you can either find a short video that explains what to do or a short text that describes how to use our products in an ideal manner.

If you still have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us: info@kupfergruen.shop.

What can I do with the empty glass bottle of the liquid shampoo?

In case you are interested in handicraft work: what are you waiting for? Empty glass bottles such as these offer endless possibilities, especially if you want to use them for decorative purposes, for example as a soap dispenser, vase or as a pen holder.

You can also use them as a bottle for drinking after cleaning it carefully, since you also receive a screw cap with each order. You are also free to send the bottle back to us, so we can arrange its recycling.

Unfortunately, we are not yet able to offer you the possibility of a refill of your bottle because there are very strict standards of cleaning required before we are allowed to send them back to you. Regrettably, we don’t yet have appropriate equipment to fulfil these criteria, but we will let you know as soon as we have the means to offer this possibility.

What’s the size of the shampoo bottle’s screw thread?

The screw threads of our bottles have a GPI 400/28 screw cap.

The exact diameter of them is 28mm. In case you have a fitting dosing pump at home, feel free to use it.


Which options of payment do you offer?

The answer is: which options don’t we offer? We tried to include all popular payment methods. Are you missing one? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

I have some problems with my payment. What can I do?

If you have any problems with your payment or similar issues, please feel free to message us. You can reach us at all times by using our email address info@kupfergruen.shop.


Can I add additional products to my order after the ordering process has been completed?

Unfortunately it is not possible to change your order afterwards. Our system works entirely automatically, and therefore things cannot be changed manually later on.

Can I individualise my order?

Before completing your order, you can leave us a comment during the ordering process. You want your shampoo bar without any packaging? No problem at all, just let us know!

Unfortunately, we cannot add any personalised greetings or data to your order.

In case something isn’t quite clear or you have any kind of question, you can always message us: info@kupfergruen.shop.


My parcel is damaged. What can I do?

No worries, we will provide you with a replacement. Please just send us a short mail to info@kupfergruen.shop and attach a photo of the damage.

Help, I have a problem with one of your products!

Also in this case, please message us via info@kupfergruen.shop.

There is no problem we can’t solve in your interest.